OM2000+ - Hamradioguide

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OM2000+            Price no Tax ±: 2.008 €                                                     updated jan 2016
Frequency coverage, included Warc (MHz) 1.8 – 29.7 MHz including WARC + 50 MHz
Power PeP HF (SSB/CW in W) - HF Rtty, digital mode, FM, - and VHF 2000+ W in SSB/CW on HF bands
Power Pep VHF (SSB/CW in W) 1500 W CW/SSB on 50 MHz 1500 W in RTTY
Power input (W) - Power out Low, Medim, High 40 to 60 W for full output power
Change band
Alphanumeric Display (W, A,band, T°, R.o.s. alarms, ect.) and/or Bar display and/or analog instrument OLED display 4 x 20 character Analog 2 systems meter for forward and reflected power; LED indicators: - ON status - STBY– standby - FAULT – warnings and faults indicator - ON AIR – amplifier in transmitting status
CAT (Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, ect.)
Power Tube type FU-728F Ceramic Tetrode
Low pass filters
Harmonic suppression (less..); Harmonic 3' Order Suppression min -50 dBc ( 30–54 MHz better than 70dBc)
Remotely Controllabl
Automatic Tuner, time, banda Ros
Insertion loss with/out ATU
TX SO-239/RX SO-239 Antenna switch for 3 antennas
Interface (I/O, …)
Cooling fans(dBmax) Centrifugal blower + axial blower
Power supply 220, 230 , 240 V – 50/60 Hz
Type circuit power supply; Maximium Power Switchable; 1 toroidal transformer 3 kVA
Compliance; preparing different market
Kit (Cables. bag, Software...)
Size (WxHxD,cm) 390 x 195 x 370mm
Weight (kg) 24kg
Microprocessor controll
Availability Accessories
Notes Memory for faults and warning, easy maintenance - Automatic set-up anode current (BIAS ) – no need to manual adjust after changing the tube - Temperature controlled 2-speed centrifugal blower ( turbine ) + axial blower - Full QSK with silent vacuum relay
Marketing year beginning
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