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France Call Areas (F, HW,HX,HY, TH, TK, TM, TO, TQ,TV, TW, TX)
Call Sign No geographic criteria
FA1xxxVHF (144-146) only - Minimum age 13 - Max power 30 W
FB1xxxVHF + some HF portions (7.02-7.04, 14.05-14.1, 21.05-21.15, 28-28.1,28.4-29.7)
Minimum age 13 - CW needed - Max power 30 W
F1xx, F1xxx,All frequencies above 30 MHz (VHF, UHF, SHF...) - Ex FC1xxx
F4xxxMinimum age 16 - No CW needed - Max power 200 W - F4xxx are recent hams
F2xx, F3xx, F5xx,All ham frequencies (HF , VHF, UHF...) - Ex FD1xxx, FE1xxx
F5xxx, F6xxx,Minimum age 16 - CW needed - Max power 500 W - F8xxx are recent hams
F8xx, F8xxx, F9xx2 letters suffix for old timers - Ex: F2VX, F3XY, F5EN, F8PX, F9LM
F1Vxx, F5VxxForeign european ham in France for more than 3 months.
Other foreign hams are F/call sign
F5Kxx, F6Kxx, F8KxxClub station - Example: F5KGA, F6KDF, F8KLY
F8REFOfficial station of the french amateur radio association (Réseau des Emetteurs Français)
Call Sign Inside France
FFrance, no islands and overseas
FDFrance, no islands and overseas
FEFrance, no islands and overseas
FFFrance, no islands and overseas
FUFrance, no islands and overseas
FV France, no islands and overseas
Call Sign Ouside France
FJ St Martin
FK New Caledonia
FM Martinique
FO Clipperton
FO Tahiti
FO/C Clipperton
FP St Pierre Miquelon
FR Glorioso
FR Juan De Nova
FR Reunion
FR Tromelin
FR/G Glorioso
FR/J Juan De Nova
FR/T Tromelin
FS St Martin
FT0W Crozet
FT0X Kerguelen Is
FT0Z Amsterdam Paul
FT2W Crozet
FT2X Kerguelen Is
FT2Z Amsterdam Paul
FT5W Crozet
FT5X Kerguelen Is
FT5Z Amsterdam Paul
FT8W Crozet
FT8X Kerguelen Is
FT8Y Antarctica
FT8Z Amsterdam Paul
FW Wallis Is
FY French Guiana
THFrance, overseas
TK Corsica
TM France/Europe (Outside France) mostly used during contests.
TO Guadeloupe, Mayotte,Martinique,Austral, Reunion, Glorios, Juan de Nova,Tromelin
TQ France
TV France
TW France
TX New Caledonia, Chesterfield, Clipperton, French Polynesia, Marquesas
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